Customer Service


  • 11[Buyer] [ID and Password] Can I change my login email ID?
  • 12[Buyer] [ID and Password] What should I do If I forget my Login Password?
  • 13[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [General] What are the membership benefits on PrestoMall?
  • 14[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [General] When is my member grade upgraded?
  • 15[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Credit] What is Credit?
  • 16[Buyer][Membership Benefits][Credit] Can I exchange Credit to cash?
  • 17[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Credit] Does Credit have validity period?
  • 18[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Credit] Where can I check my Credit balance?
  • 19[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Coupon] Where can I check the coupons I have?
  • 20[Buyer] [Membership Benefits] [Coupon] What kinds of coupons are there?
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